A little information about Easter

colorful eggs in a basquet

There are many different traditions associated with Easter.  One of the lesser known is Maudy Thursday where following Jesus´s act of washing the  feet of his disciples, Until the 17th Century English Monarchs did the same.  The last King to do this was King James II.  The Thursday before Easter was when Jesus was betrayed by Judas after the last supper.  The Monarch now gives out coins to various people depending on the age of the monarch. 

The main days are Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Monday.  Nowadays the religious meaning has been somewhat lost .  Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified and Easter Sunday celebrates his resurrection.

Now a days it is celebrated with Easter Eggs, which symbolise new life.  There are Easter egg races and Easter Egg hunts.  Hard boiled eggs are gaily painted and rolled down hills and every one eats eggs made of chocolate.

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