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What are the delivery conditions?

Delivery costs:


Due to the situation with Covid 19 we have found ourselves in a quandary. 

The cost of products and importing them has gone up and delivering them has become an issue as you can imagine. Therefore, at this time we can no longer offer free delivery to our clients. We apologize for this situation and offer you a few options for you to receive your goods.

  • We can organize a delivery via MRW (This option is the most common for orders outside of the centre of Barcelona) cost is generally 13,00€ including VAT for orders up to 5kg, orders over this weight will be dealt with personally, a member of staff will contact you to arrange delivery and tell you what the fees may be, we also need you to acknowledge that the delivery process breaks the frozen chain (you will be emailed personally with this information)
  • We can organize delivery inside BCN Area with a delivery service, that will be at your home within the hour once they collect the order. We will contact you before to make sure you are home to receive the order (we will not send out a delivery without having your confirmation that you will be home to receive the order) This service generally costs the same as the MRW order (13,00€). If it is a large order or the distance between the shop and your home is more than the usual, then we will contact you before payment and shipping.
  • You can of course arrange your own collection service, and we will have your order ready to collect by the courier service. Please bear in mind we will have to contact you prior to you arranging the service and we need to ensure we have all the products you have requested and that the delivery is ready to be shipped.
  • If you select the Store pickup option. Please specify which store suits you best to collect the order. As before, bear in mind we will have to contact you prior to you coming to collect and we need to ensure we have all the products you have requested and that the order is ready to be collected.

Thanks for your understanding at this difficult time and we wish everyone the best of health.


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Do you stock the same products in both stores?

Yes, we generally have the same products in all stores, of course we can have more or less products or even run out (we do our best to avoid this).

What if I can't find a specific product on your website?

If you can’t find something, you can always drop us an email, or call the shop closest to you, and see if we have it in stock. If we don’t have it… we will ask Santa if you have been good and see if we can get it for you.