Henderson’s Relish 284ml


Henderson’s Relish, affectionately known in Sheffield as ‘Enderson’s, Relish and Hendo’s, is a vegan-friendly alternative to Worcestershire sauce. It’s tangy, fruity, spicy, and works particularly well shaken into a Bloody Mary.

Henderson’s Relish is a great way to liven up a vegetarian shepherd’s pie or chilli. It even pairs well with dark chocolate! Or to enjoy the relish like a proper Sheffielder, shake it over fish & chips.

Henderson’s Relish was first made in 1885 by Henry Henderson, and although the company has changed hands the sauce itself remains little changed. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, currently known to only three people. In 2016 Henderson’s was named as one of the ‘Great Icons of Yorkshire’, and the sauce has inspired everything from birthday cakes to tattoos!