Karvan Cevitam Forest Fruits Syrup 600g


With the forest fruit lemonade syrup from Karvan Cévitam you can make a delicious thirst quencher with up to 75% fruit in no time! For delicious fruity water with the taste of apple, strawberry, elderberry, blackberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, mix 1 part syrup with 9 parts water. Let your imagination run wild by mixing this syrup with sparkling water for your own limo with a twist or add a small dash of syrup to your favorite mocktail, great for the summer BBQ! Karvan Cévitam contains no colorings and artificial flavors. Moreover, it is a source of vitamin C. Now with 100% natural taste! 1 bottle makes up to 6 liters of lemonade (30 glasses).

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