Nice ‘n’ Spicy Mild Cape Curry Mix 30g


Mild Cape Curry is a Cape Malay curry which is mild and fruity. A fruity, mild curry cooked in a sweet and sour gravy. Perfect for the whole family. Serves 4 – 6 people. All the spices required for this dish is in one sachet. A step-by-step recipe is on the back of the pack. You can use beef, lamb or chicken with the Nice n Spicy Mild Cape Curry. Ingredients: Natural spices and herbs, salt, dextrose, cereal (gluten) Allergens: wheat gluten The Cape Malays are an ethnic group usually found in Cape Town. They originated from South East Asia (mainly Indonesia when it was Dutch-owned). The common Malay foods that are stalwart South African dishes are bredie, bobotie, sosaties and koeksisters. Nice n Spicy’s website